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September 12, 2007



Hey girl. Hope you made it to MB ok. So so sorry I didn't make it out with you guys Saturday. I completely crashed after the event. My heart wanted to come play, but my arms and legs protested. Miss ya already! BTW, what projects did you wind up bringing?


Well first of all, neither socks nor the June washcloth count. Those are all teeny, portable projects that you can finish super fast. As for the 5 other projects, I think you should take the Summer Shawlette (which is almost done, right? another reason to add in some socks), Sea Silk Nightie, Lady Eleanor, the Alpaca scarf, and your square. (But if you're seriously only taking 5 including socks, you must take the Groovy socks. They're so pretty! *drools*)


First, I'm're going to be there for 6 weeks? If so, 5 things isn't enough to take, but that's just me. But here's my list of 5.
1. Broadripple Socks
2. Alpaca Scarf
3. SeaSilk nightie
4. Klaralund
5. Baby Fishes or Porcupine Bag

I think you should take some yarn for the fishes, but that's just me.


What's red? Ok, really, I would say the Klaralund because you might wanna wear it up there in less than six weeks. One should always have a malabrigo project with them. The Nightie, because Grey will be happy when you bring it back finished.

But seriously, the less you take the more likely you are to finish things. Which might be good or bad. ;)


Snort... love the bullet points - was a numbered list too daunting? Why can't you take it all? Six weeks is a long time, my friend. Okay, if I MUST choose: 1. Slip'n'Slide (Malabrigo, 'nuff said), 2. Square ('cause...y'know), 3. Sea Silk Nightie, 4. Wallaby, and 5. Porcupine Bag. And an equal number of sock projects b/c they take up less room and are good for "commercial breaks" in between the biggies. ;o)


Leave the fish for us:

1.Jitterbug sock
Summer shawlette
ballband washcloth
blanket square
Sea silk lace nightie

Those are my 5. I am curious to see what everyone else thinkgs

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