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September 25, 2007



Seriously, now you see why the locals buy their yarn off the internet and ball it themselves. I hate that place.


OMG! I would have strangled her with an unwound skein. Please know that not all SC LYS are like that nor are all SC LYS owners such complete idiots.


How did you not say anything to her about cutting your yarn?? I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut!! And you hadn't even paid for it yet. That yarn would have stayed in the store. I will steer clear of this shop on my upcoming trip to myrtle beach


Cut the yarn, yikes! I don't even like cutting the knot on a customer's skein; I usually painstakingly pick it loose.

My shop is small, so my ball winding set-up is a little awkward. I have the swift attached to a low table and I usually sit in a chair nearby holding the ball winder. So far it has worked just fine, but I think it's best if I do it myself. Even with fine yarns it only takes a few minutes, so I don't know why LYS owners have trouble with doing it for customers.


I would have been beyond mad, I would have been pissed!! I can not believe that she cut your yarn to begin with but, to not even mention it to you or ask you...oh my gosh..Your a better women than I.

Linda D

Luckily, you were in South Carolina (aka "the Low Country). We North Carolinians would NEVER treat you or your yarn that way! -- Truly sorry for the horrifying experience you had!


Not only is it wrong, but since you hadn't paid, I'm not sure I would have paid for the skein she cut while winding it. Not to mention I would have had to ask her why she cut the sock yarn. Thankfully the SeaWool survived. And now you probably understand why Melody said it's a knitting wasteland.


How you didn't cry or slap her is beyond me. Honestly.


Doesn't "believe in winding"?! Well, maybe I shouldn't be surprised, as that PITA customer is likely the one who sits and holds the hanks while the owner knits from them! Ugh, so sorry to hear!

(Also, next time come to Maine... so long as you bring wine or chocolate, you can dance around with the ball winder all day long! Although I might ask to wind the Sea Wool, yummy!)


You were not in the wrong. This sounds like a lazy *ss shop owner who doesn't have a clue about knitting!


I am so very very sorry. On behalf of LYS owners everywhere - I pledge never to treat a KnitWitz customer like this. Was there a crow sitting on the rail outside this shop's door? Sounds very Stephen King to me... and - for the record - I would have taken your case had you gone... well, knitstal on her. Thank GOD you wound that Sea Wool yourself. I can't imagine the resounding screams!


Oh, and cutting your yarn??? Without asking you?? NOT COOL.


She doesn't believe in balling? It's not the tooth fairy, for Pete's sake! Dude. Who doesn't ball their yarn? If they have a ball winder sitting there? What the crap?


It is wrong to cut the yarn. very very wrong. she should have to listen to Cat Stevens records for that.

Seriously. Her and her comrads sound horrible. Don't go back. i will ship you yarn from here, should the need arise.

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